Thank you for your interest, but...
We are currently NOT ACCEPTING any script submissions.

Writers should not submit or pitch anything to us unless a call for submissions is announced on this site or we contact you personally. Any unsolicited submissions in the form of email or fax will be disregarded, as will any solicited submissions that are not accompanied with a signed release form.
Periodically, we may announce public "calls for artists" to pitch projects to The Dream Depot, but for right now, we are producing a number of our own projects in house. We would especially like to ask that writers not send us loglines or ask if we would be interested in a story.
When we begin the search for screenplays for our next project, we will post our request along with special contact information, guidelines and a release form on this page. Again: please note that submissions in any form are not accepted unless they are accompanied with this signed release form.