The Dream Depot develops, produces and markets leading-edge television properties. We maintain excellence and an integrity which attracts financiers to participate in and endorse our projects. Our emphasis is in marketing because we have decades of experience in that area. At this time, we would prefer to partner our production and post-production needs with experienced individuals at this time.
Our mission is to find programs that have an original voice and break new ground. It is our goal to create and develop original, quality "cutting-edge" entertainment for audiences worldwide.
Itís difficult for any television show to become successful these days. No matter how well produced, it is a fact that networks become impatient and too concerned about ratings. Programs rarely have the time to build an audience before they are yanked from the schedule and replaced by yet another unknown entity desperate for instant success. We want to tune into shows that the networks tuned out. We will not have to pitch our projects or syndicate our programs to networks. Instead, we will be going into millions of homes on television by buying our own airtime and selling our own commercials.
The shows below are in various stages of production. Please click on the links below for more information on each show.
Show Me Your Shorts ( formerly known as Outsider Cinema Showcase ) is a half-hour cable television series, showcasing the "best of the best" independent short films from around the world. We will be excited to have the opportunity to introduce great undiscovered films and filmmakers to a wider audience. Submissions for this project is officially closed, but we still need to acquire advertisers for this series before we can air.
Untitled Horror Anthology is a half-hour cable television series of psychological horror-fantasy, akin to Night Gallery and The Outer Limits. The series will include horror shorts produced both by Reel Gold Films and by other independent filmmakers. We are currently in pre-production, composing guidelines for submissions.