We hope that this page answers many of the questions that you might have regarding our Film Short TV Series. If you have a question not answered below, please feel free to email us at:

What do I get if I submit my film to you?
If chosen for broadcast, your film will reach a million homes in North America, opening your work up to a whole new audience that you might not have otherwise. Being broadcast on our show will be a boost for both your reel and your resume. We will be aggressively market our show to decision makers in the film industry. Whole new opportunities may open up to you because of this. We canít guarantee you fame and fortune, but we can guarantee that your film is better off seen than not seen!

Does it cost anything to submit to you?
NO. Unlike most film festivals and many "calls for artists," we charge no fee to the filmmaker. We derive our income from advertising sales, not from submission fees.

Will I lose the rights to my short film if I submit to you?
NO. We are purchasing North American Television Broadcast Rights only, and we are purchasing these rights for only three months. What this means is you retain all other rights - exhibition, distribution, etc. All we are doing is buying the right to broadcast your short film on television.

What do you look for most in the films that you select?
In a word, feeling. We want our audience to feel something when they view your film. The audience might feel any number of emotions - mirth, sadness, horror, excitement, etc. Ė but we believe they will remember your film mainly because they responded to it emotionally.

If you option my short, what will you need from me at a later date?
  1. A MiniDV cassette version of your film.
2.†Clearances for all music, artwork and sound bites.
3. Copies of all actor release forms - (original producers are held responsible in the event of any copyright disputes)
4. A signed copy of a standard downloadable Non-Exclusive Licensing Agreement.

What are your limitations on graphic violence, profanity and nudity?
Since the show will be broadcast on what is essentially basic cable, we will have to adhere to what each station's limitations are regarding these issues, as set by the FCC. It will vary from one case to the next, but as a general rule, the less gore, nudity and profanity a short has, the easier it will be to get it on the air as quickly as possible. We will do our best to get your films on the air in their entirety. We're not about censorship - quite the opposite. But in some circumstances, we may ask you to make small revisions, or to allow us to make them. We will never make alterations to your work without your permission. We want to show the best of the best, regardless of genre or content. Just use your best judgment when sending your shorts to us.

What does the Non-Exclusive Licensing Agreement cover?
The Non-Exclusive Licensing Agreement (NELA) protects both you and us. By signing this standard NELA, you enter into an agreement with us saying that you are granting us one set of rights only - the right to screen your short on television in North America for the first time. The NELA protects us from anyone who claims that we owe them money for your work, from actors in your film who claim that they never gave their permission to be seen in your film, etc.
The NELA protects you in that we canít sell your movie to a third party, we canít claim that we own your movie, we canít say that we made your movie, and we canít say that we had anything to do with your movie beyond leasing those small rights for three months only. The NELA is laid out in very simple terms, and gives us all the freedom to work together, and to get your short seen.