“Every film has a story; every film has a story behind it…”
Each year, thousands of short films are made, screened at a few film festivals and then disappear into obscurity. At The Dream Depot, we feel this is a tragedy. We want to bring as many of these short films as we can into the public eye and reward the filmmaker for his or her very hard work. It is our goal to give filmmakers the opportunity to have their work seen by more people by broadcasting it in to over a million homes in North America.
The Dream Depot is producing a weekly television show, Show Me Your Shorts (formerly know as Outsider Cinema Showcase).
SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS TELEVISION SHOW ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED, but here is some information regarding our project.
Any original format, any genre – were accepted and welcomed! Running time needed to be between one to twenty-one minutes. (Please check out our FAQ page for restrictions on nudity, profanity and graphic violence)
We paid a flat fee of UP TO $1,100 (normally $50 per minute) for a three-month option for the North American Television Rights to your film. You retain all other rights, including your copyrights.
What we would have needed from you:
1. The Film(s) – your 1 to 21 minute production on a DVD (Region 1 or All Region), or VHS (NTSC).
2. Press Information – including synopsis, film production information, cast and crew list, production stills, awards and festivals submissions information would also be helpful.
Due to the high volume of submissions that we receive, we are not be able to return your film(s) or press information to you, so be sure to keep your originals.
Please send your film short(s), press and contact information to:
  The Dream Depot
  PO Box 98
  Kilbourne, Ohio
Once again, our committee has reviewed all submissions for this television pilot and the selection process is officially closed. We have decided which shorts we would acquire for our pilot. All entries have been contacted and told if they were accepted or rejected. We are in the final stages of post-production and hope to air the show soon.
To find out more information on future projects and how you can submit your own work, please re-read our guidelines on this page. If you have any specific questions, please email us at:
Our show is for independent filmmakers and fans of independent film. Don’t let Hollywood dictate what you can and cannot see.