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Submissions for our TV pilot, Show Me Your Shorts ( formerly known as Outsider Cinema Showcase ), is now officially closed. This exciting new half-hour cable television series will showcase the best of the best independent short films from around the world. Our selection committee has reviewed all submissions and advised us, which shorts we should acquire. All entries have been contacted and told if they were accepted or rejected. We are currently finalizing sponsors and advertisers in order to get this pilot on the air. To find out more information on this project and how you can submit your own work, please read our guidelines on our submit page.
On a special note to writers: we do no accept any submissions, loglines or summaries unless you follow the guidelines on our writer's page. Any logline, synopsis, treatment, or screenplay sent to the below email address will be discarded without reading. Please do not submit or pitch anything unless you are personally contacted by us or a "call for entry" is announced on the site.
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