Many years ago, we became aware of a problem that many artists face: they excel at their craft, but they donít have a strong business side and have little idea how to market their creations. When we decided to try to help artists with their business and marketing problems, The Dream Depot was born.
The Dream Depot is the 'not-for-profit' holding company of our entire organization. We are currently seeking sponsors, financial investors and advertising partners.
We feel every filmmaker and artist should have a foot in the business camp if he or she wants their art to succeed. The Dream Depot plans to teach the artist how to better utilize the "left side of their brains." The vision of The Dream Depot is to put our considerable fund-raising and marketing expertise to work. It is our intention to use our own expertise to teach artists effective ways to run their businesses and market their work.
At this time we are finalizing our advertising program. Advertising with us provides a level of personal service every online advertiser deserves, extending an ad campaign to its fullest potential. We will supply you with click-through stats to instantly see how effective your company's ad is working.
We have been a pioneer and a leader in providing new and more powerful ways for businesses and customers to connect online. We supply advertisers with a cost effective medium to drive targeted leads to their websites. We want advertisers to be successful. Our programs are structured to fit any advertising budget.
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Our projects would not be possible without the support of companies and individuals like YOU. Our sponsorship program represent a unique opportunity for you, to positively communicate your companyís name, image, products and services to a clearly defined, influential and highly receptive audience. For information on becoming a sponsor or to make a donation, please email us at: