We all know that the musical score or soundtrack can make or break a movie. With just five major record labels controlling the majority of the world's music business, the expense of acquiring good music for Indie films at an affordable price has become nearly impossible.
On the other hand, there are many struggling, but talented, musicians and songwriters, just as there are many struggling, but talented, independent filmmakers. The alliance of these two groups in film and video projects makes so much sense. Collaborating on film and video projects is a win-win situation where bands can make some money and have their music played in a previously unavailable forum. And where filmmakers can find music that not only fits their budget, but also is perfect for their film.
Reel Tunes is a vehicle to connect these two talented groups, so that filmmakers can acquire great music for their Indie projects for a very nominal service fee from independent musicians. We plan to further develop this service into a large networking system with a large number of Indie filmmakers, directors and producers, who will be ecstatic about the potential of working with Indie musicians.