After observing for years how difficult it was for talented, unsigned bands to make it to the next level in the music business, we formed Gold Record Music in 1999. Our original goal was to help artists work towards becoming a "professional" musician who could quit his or her day job and start a career in music. Our plan was to empower musicians, with the knowledge necessary to gain control of their musical destiny.
We have helped bands by generating press, securing radio airplay, booking shows and helping them build bigger and stronger fan bases. For the musicians we have chosen to work with, our services have been very successful, and we have done so without a single charge to the artist. All in all, Gold Record Music has helped bands move out of the garage and into the world. Building on that idea, we have grown to become one of the largest artist promotion and music development companies in the not-for-profit world.
Over the years. we have learned that it is far easier to get your song included in a movie or television show soundtrack than it is for you to get a record deal. At the same time, musicians can earn a great deal of money in income from licensing fees and performance royalties. We feel song placement in film, commercials and TV soundtracks also offer tremendous exposure for bands. As a result, we have established another company called, Reel Tunes. Reel Tunes' goal is to develop a profitable alliance between independent filmmakers and independent musicians. 
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