Thank you for your interest in The Dream Depot! Here is the 'reel scoop' on what is happening here.

Over our first eight years of existence, The Dream Depot has produced, contributed money or loaned equipment ( at no charge ), to over sixty-two independent film and video projects. We were also extremely happy that eight of these projects were feature films. All of these projects were the concept and idea of other filmmakers.
In 2010 we will begin this new decade by producing our own feature films. We are currently in pre-production on our first feature film, "Eve." Overall this year started off slowly. My cancer came out of remission in December of 2009, and I spent the first nine months of this year in and out of the hospital in treatment. These health issues caused us to table some of our other projects.
Please visit the other areas of our website to see all the exciting projects that we have in store for the upcoming year. Please come back often and check for new updates.