Some of the greatest practitioners of rock-n-roll were a truck driver from the Deep South and four cats from a nowhere industrial town called Liverpool. With hard work and dedication to their art, they went on to become legends. With talent, proper education about the music business, and the right exposure, most unsigned independent bands can become successful too.
Established in 1999, Gold Record Music started out with this simple idea: if you wanted to be a successful band outside of the New York, LA and Nashville music hubs, you were going to need a little help. Building on that idea, we have grown to become one of the largest artist promotion and music development companies in the not-for-profit world.
With the support of our hard working street team, we help bands get to the next level by generating press, securing radio airplay, booking shows and helping them build bigger and stronger fan bases. For those musicians we choose to work with, we have been very successful in this manner - and we have done so without a single charge to the artist for any of our services.
We have established another division of our company called Reel Tunes. Reel Tunes' goal will be to establish an alliance between filmmakers and musicians, so that filmmakers can acquire great music for their Indie projects for a very nominal service fee from independent musicians.