As a fledgling company, we cannot be everywhere at once. We are currently seeking to employ Film Scouts. As a Dream Depot Film Scout, you will be our eyes and ears at the countries top film festivals.
Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, will vary depending on the project circumstances. You will attend film festivals, where you will view short films, meet the directors and recommend films to us for inclusion on our TV show. In addition, you will find, review and refer short films found from a variety of other sources, including the Internet, movie theaters and filmmakers themselves. Some of your other duties may include distributing flyers or spreading the word about our projects - in person, in chat rooms and on Internet message boards. You will offer support and make recommendations for our television and film projects and help our projects succeed!
While this is not a paid position, there is prestige and a great many cool perks associated with this job. As a Film Scout you will have input on the type of short films that The Dream Depot produces in-house. You will gain free entry into the festivals that you will be scouting. You will be credited on screen for any film you discover that is included in our television series. Other benefits in being a Film Scout include FREE t-shirts, DVDs, CDs, movie tickets and other merchandise not available to the general public. Your rewards grow as your tasks grow. Your real reward will be in knowing that helped an unknown filmmaker get the exposure he or she needs to get to the next level. And by doing these things you can help our films and television projects reach the level of success they deserve. You can get some industry experience on your resume, make a difference, and have fun!
Consider becoming a Dream Depot Film Scout. You will be given the necessary equipment and information to complete the tasks... and if you do well, you will be rewarded. It's fun and exciting, plus you get to be intimately involved with our projects and its successes by being a member of our team. Only you can make a difference! Let us know something about yourself and why you feel you would be qualified for this position by emailing us at the address below: