As artists, we have the power to speak to people's emotions and discover new ideas. Art is a powerful medium. And because it combines the visual, the aural, and the emotional, the most powerful art medium is film.
In 2002 we started a fully-functioning production company called Reel Gold Films. What sets us apart from other production companies is our marketing and business expertise. The principals in our company are mature business people with many decades of extraordinary success in marketing, cable television, the music business and law. We have a discerning eye for the commercial viability of our projects and Reel Gold Films knows how to get a film "in the can" and in front of an audience. It is our passion to develop, produce and market powerful, high-quality, emotionally moving videos and films, in a variety of genres.
Reel Gold Anthology LLC, was established as the limited liability company for our first feature film, a psychological horror anthology. This feature film is intended for direct-to-video and overseas video distribution. We are currently in development and rapidly approaching pre-production on this project.
We are currently seeking and evaluating ideas for a documentary short which we will produce and then market to film festivals.
At Reel Gold Films, we are dedicated to the promotion of the independent spirit. Helping the independent filmmaker is of great importance to us. Over the last twelve months, we have assisted over thirty independent filmmakers by loaning equipment or contributing finances to their projects. We have and will continue to support the low-budget Indie filmmakers and help them achieve their dreams.