The vision of The Dream Depot is to put our considerable fund-raising and marketing expertise to work, helping experienced, passionate filmmakers, musicians and artists achieve both financial success and artistic excellence. This is not to say that we are a bank or a source of endless funds. Rather, it is our intention to use our own expertise to teach artists effective ways to run their businesses and market their work. Every filmmaker and artist should have a foot in the business camp if he or she wants their art to succeed. The Dream Depot can teach the artist how to better utilize the "left side of their brains."
Established in 2002, The Dream Depot is the 'not-for-profit' holding company of our entire organization. For many years, the principals of our company have both headed up and raised funds for numerous charities throughout the United States. Many years ago, we became aware of a problem that many artists face: they excel at their craft, but they donít have a strong business side and have little idea how to market their creations. When we decided to try to help artists with their business and marketing problems, The Dream Depot was born.
We raise money and acquire equipment donations for worthwhile projects in the arts. We have donated money and resources to numerous other organizations and charities. Having firmly established our company in the music and art businesses with Gold Record Music and Artists for Athletes, our main focus in the future is to establish ourselves as a leading contender in feature film and television production by teaming up with promising filmmakers, writers and actors who could use our help.
Our goal is to produce emotionally moving films and television with a special emphasis on sound-tracks and musical scores. We currently have a number of projects in various stages of development and production.
Periodically, we may announce public "calls for artists" to pitch projects to The Dream Depot, but for right now, we are producing a number of our own projects in house. Please do not submit or pitch anything unless personally contacted by us or news is announced otherwise on the site.